Short Term Rental Zoning Study and Proposed Zoning Code Amendments

The Departments of Safety and Inspections (DSI) and Planning and Economic Development (PED) have completed an assessment of Short Term Rentals in the City of Saint Paul. This included a community listening session, stakeholder work group, and researching other cities’ efforts. Based on the assessment, the departments are proposing a number of amendments related to the City’s zoning code and licensing ordinance. The proposed amendments are moving into the City’s formal review processes.

The first phase is the Planning Commission’s review. The proposed zoning code amendments are scheduled for a June 2 Planning Commission public hearing

Ordinance amendment language for the licensing portion of the proposals is being developed. Once developed, the language will go to the City Council for a public hearing.

The zoning code amendment and the licensing ordinance amendment processes will be aligned such that the City Council public hearings for both will occur on the same day. This is anticipated to be in July/August.

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