Karen Residents

District 6 and the Minnesota Council of Churches

Minnesota Council of Churches is an innovator in Minnesota’s refugee community, creating programs responsive to the compelling needs of new arrivals.  Examples of innovation include New Arrivals Resource Workshops for new arrivals, extended social services, target outreach to asylees, high quality immigration services, and housing subsidy programs.  This proposal enhances existing programming by making services more relevant and accessible to refugees currently arriving to Minnesota. 

The majority of refugees currently arriving to Minnesota through primary resettlement are Burmese and Bhutanese nationals.  Most of these families choose to live in close proximity to one another in District 6 of Saint Paul.   Minnesota Council of Churches proposes enhancing its existing programs and ensuring successful community integration of new refugee arrivals through an innovative community building project in partnership with the Saint Paul’s District 6 Planning Council. 

A partnership between Minnesota Council of Churches (MCC) and the District 6 Planning Council, hereafter referred to as the “consortium,” combines the expertise of a resettlement agency with the skills of a neighborhood organization.  By combining the strengths and organizational relationships of each organization, a powerful consortium is created which more quickly integrates refugees into the community, promotes self reliance, and encourages community participation.