2017 Minutes-Board of Director’s Meetings

The minutes posted have been ratified by the Board of Directors. They are a snapshot of discussion and decisions. The Board meets the first Monday of the moth with exceptions of May and September-they will then meet the first Tuesday. Everyone is welcome to attend and at each meeting there is a public comment section. If you have a concern or issue you would like the Board to take action on email the office a minimum of two weeks before the next meeting to get it on the agenda. 

January 2017 Meeting Minutes: Board January 2017 Minutes

February 2017 Meeting Minutes: Board February 2017 Minutes

March 2017 Meeting Minutes:  Board March 2017 Minutes

April 2017 Annual Meeting & Elections 

May 2017 Meeting Minutes: BoardMay2017MeetingMinutes

June 2017 Meeting Minutes: Board June 2017 Minutes

July-no meeting 

August 2017 Meeting Minutes: Board August 2017 Meeting Minutes

September 2017 Meeting Minutes: Board September 2017 Minutes