District 6 Planning Council is the officially recognized neighborhood organization that acts as the liaison with city and county government. Our responsibility is to listen, educate ourselves and others, empower and support community members, and advocate for action. District 6 Planning Council makes recommendations to the City of Saint Paul on uses of land, licenses, development and any other project that requires the community's input. We work on community engagement, crime prevention, planning and development for all our residents. District 6 Planning Council is the third largest of the seventeen District Councils that make up the City of Saint Paul. District Councils may work in a geographical area and house more than one unique area but councils do not define your neighborhood. 

District 6 works with other partners including but not limited to the City Council Ward offices, North End Business Association, Business Watch, Saint Paul Police Department, city services and departments, local Community Development Corporations, Block Nurse, District Councils, Block Clubs, area schools and The Minnesota Council of Churches. With collaboration with the MN Council of Churches we host new arrival classes for our refugee and political asylee residents, and also work on Community Engagement and integration.